Set of 6 - 9" Sport Fitness Training Cones in Multi Colored Vinyl by Crown Sporting Goods
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~ VISIBLE: Set of six vibrantly colored 9" tall sports cones so they are easy to see
~ PORTABLE: Each cone sits neatly on top of one another to make for easy to pack training tools
~ DURABLE: Made of high-quality, durable vinyl to withstand any beating
~ LONG LASTING: Fade-resistant, cleat-proof so you can use them over and over again
~ MANY USES: Great for field coordination exercises, marking training courses or establishing boundaries


Run, jump, and slide!

Made by Crown Sporting Goods, our flexible, vibrantly colored cones are perfect for any sport. Whether they are being used during a game, or at practice, these cones are sure to stand the test of time. Each set comes with six colored cones including yellow, red, orange, lime green, blue and purple. The vivid colors make the cones stand out on any playing surface, and are a great way to improve field coordination. If training stations are being used, the different colored cones are a great way to easily identify each one. Similarly, the cones are perfect for marking off training courses, or establishing field boundaries.

Why you'll love it:

Each cone measures 9 inches tall, allowing for easy visibility. Made from high-quality, durable vinyl, these cones are super flexible and won't crack like traditional ones made from plastic. Virtually cleat proof and fade-resistant, these cones are made to withstand the heaviest of beatings

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